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How to open a Pocket Watch to View Movement

It’s been a very long time but we thought it would be a good idea to restart our blog that we’ve neglected for such a long time. One of the questions we get emailed about very frequently is how to open a pocket watch to view the movement.  There are so many different types of watches that we decided to do a detailed guide with lots of images to help out

Pair cased verge watches similar to this one  will usually open  from the front.

First depress the thumbpiece and open the outer case.

Remove the watch from the outer case. Then using your nail open the front of the case. The glass and bezel will swing back to reveal the dial.

Using your thumbnail depress the lever situated at the 6 O’clock position and the movement will swing back on its hinge so you can view the escapement.   

Hunting Cased Watches

Opening a hunting cased pocket watch is a little easier although it does require a watch knife or a penknife if the case is very tight and stiff. Turn the watch over so that you’re looking at the back of the case.  Using your knife or fingernails gently prize open the case to reveal the movement or inner cuvette.

If there is a cuvette apply do the same again to reveal the movement.


The Importance of Fob Watches in Nursing

Nurses all over the world rely on the convenience and usability of the traditional fob watch. While technologies have advanced tenfold, our knowledge of medicine is of a level thought unfathomable just decades ago, the fob watch has withstood the test of time. As they are arguably one of the most essential instruments of the modern nurses uniform, we decided to look further at the fob watch and the important role they have played for nurses both today and the generations before us.

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Beautiful intricacy on display with rare gold and enamel ring watch

Here at Pieces of Time we have a wonderful range of antique watcheswhich we are always keen to build upon. and this is why we are excited to be able to offer this new item to one lucky potential buyer. Not only is this piece very unusual, it is also a rare antique to come by too- something that adds to its already heightened appeal among collectors.

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Why you should collect vintage watches over new watches

In today’s tech-obsessed world there are always going to be some people always want the latest thing, you know, the latest gadget, and invariably they’ll desire the latest fashion, or other such fresh releases. But in the high-end world of timepieces, there are a whole host of reasons to buy vintage/antique watches for sale over new ones. Let us state the case.

John Mayer at the Mile High Music Festival accompanied by his antique wrist watches Pieces of Time.


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