Why you should collect vintage watches over new watches

In today’s tech-obsessed world there are always going to be some people always want the latest thing, you know, the latest gadget, and invariably they’ll desire the latest fashion, or other such fresh releases. But in the high-end world of timepieces, there are a whole host of reasons to buy vintage/antique watches for sale over new ones. Let us state the case.

John Mayer at the Mile High Music Festival accompanied by his antique wrist watches Pieces of Time.


Vintage is a far better investment for a kick off. However, there’s a deeper, greater fulfilling aspect of vintage watch collecting as well. This allows us to connect to something bigger in the form of a community, in the form of learning, and to the contentment that is associated with owning a piece of history. You’re investing in story not a statement.

The investment perspective really should not be overstated. Going into a shop and purchasing a brand new watch just doesn’t make for a strong investment value. Similarly to driving a car off the forecourt, in most cases you are going to be taking a considerable hit on the value up front and immediately. Alternatively, when you look into making a purchase of a vintage pre-owned watch, whether it’s a wrist or pocket style, the day after you buy it, the resale value can be as much as 90 to 100 per cent, possibly more, of what you paid. This is because the movement would have already taken its initial hit from retail years ago.

This is food for thought in the debate over vintage vs new watches, we know what our choice would be.

Julio Enriquezunder Creative Commons.