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Heavy Gold Keyless Fusee with up/down Dial (W11139)

Hallmarked 1888
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Rare Pearl and Ruby Encrusted Gold Watch (A1621)

Circa 1840
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Silver Calendar Champleve Dial Verge (A9704)

Circa 1700
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Gold Quarter Repeating Lever Pocket Watch (A10159)

Circa 1828
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Swiss Gold Half Hunter Pocket Watch (A9721)

Hallmarked Birmingham 1930
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Silver Pair Cased Rack Lever Pocket Watch (A9536)

Circa 1810
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Gold and Enamel Repeating French Cylinder Pocket Watch (A9345)

Circa 1780
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Rare Early Automaton Repeater (A10436)

Circa 1710
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