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Gold and Enamel Watch in the Form of a Lamb (A10730)

Circa 1820
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Early Rock Crystal Crucifix Watch (A10701)

Circa 1630
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Rare Pearl and Ruby Encrusted Gold Watch (A10636)

Circa 1840
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Rare Pearl Encrusted Gold Repeater (A10542)

Circa 1840
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Quarter Repeating Three Colour Gold Swiss Verge (A10434)

Circa 1790
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Rare Napoleonic Automaton Verge (A10630)

Hallmarked London   1795
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Gold and Enamel English Verge (A10930)

Hallmarked London 1786
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Unusual Silver Hunter Fusee English Lever (A10907)

Hallmarked London 1853
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