Mock Pendulum Silver Pair Cased Verge


Signed   Tho Gorsuch   Salop
Circa   1705
Diameter   59 mm       Depth   19 mm

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A large early 18th Century English champleve dial verge with mock pendulum in silver pair cases.  Deep full plate fire gilt movement with Egyptian pillars.  Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates.  Winged cock with large mask engraved on the table above the semi-circular aperture which reveals the oscillating bob on one arm of the steel balance.  Engraved index under the balance, the regulation pins in the form of a hand with pointing finger. Solid engraved foot to the cock and plate for the regulator square.  Signed silver champleve dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, blue steel beetle and  poker hands.  Matching silver pair cases, split bezel, silver pendant and bow.  Plain silver inner case, number corresponding to that on the movement.  Plain silver outer case numbered on the bezel next to pendant, the square seven joint hinge modified to the later fashion of rounded corners.