Collection of movements worth £15 million set for landmark sale in Hampshire

A collection of more than 100 British antique watches, and clocks, along with scientific instruments equating to the value of £15 million is set to be sold at a Hampshire dealer.

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The collection, owned by Tom Scott, of Jersey and Guernsey, spent a dedicated 30 years collecting the pieces, a number of which were previously the possessions of royalty or noblemen.

Carter Marsh and Co, which is based in Winchester’s Square, will now be selling this remarkable collection on behalf of Mr Scott’s family and stated that it is currently attracting global attention.

Mr Carter revealed that two of the clocks are expected to fetch around £4.5 million each with buyers from across Europe, America, and Australia having conveyed interest.

The collector wanted a book to be written about his hobby which has now been published. Entitled ‘The Golden Age of Horology, Masterpieces from the Tom Scott Collection’, the book by Richard Garnier and Mr Carter showcases the history of the collection in all its glory.

Turing attentions back to the collection, it will be exhibited by Carter Marsh and Co at Masterpiece in London, followed up by two selling exhibitions in the Winchester showroom in July and November, respectively.

Image: succo under Creative Commons.