Enrich your style by wearing a watch

We can thank the surge in popularity of the mobile phone and the tablet for the fact that watches being worn by individuals has somewhat decreased for people under the age of 50. We can argue that the smartwatch is striving to counteract that notion though. You invariably see someone wearing an inexpensive digital watch, but for the most part, men’s wrists are naked today.

A man wearing a suit who buys antique pocket watches for sale from Pieces of Time

Okay, so wearing a watch mightn’t be necessary, but we think that it really is a massive shame that there are so little people choosing to wear them regardless. When we take into consideration how few items of jewellery that are seen as socially acceptable for professional men to wear, opting to invest in fine antique pocket watches for sale from a genuine dealer, or sporting a divine wrist watch, is a unrivalled way in which to give the attire you’re wearing an added injection of style and class.

Wearing a timepiece is a super way for young men to look that little bit more professional in the modern workplace. We’d agree that it’s certainly not necessary, however, as with so many things of things in life, we find that just an extra bit of effort can go an awfully long way. Another point to raise is that you are also far more likely to stand out from the ‘sheeple’ once you stop having to constantly pull out your phone to have an idea of the time. Being the person who casually checks his wrist for the timeis certainly going to make one appear more confident and come across as less nervous- always a good thing in the workplace.

Ensure you have the right style of watch though. There’s a fairly large chance that several years down the line, the Apple Watch, or other such smartwatches will be alarmingly out of date, you’ll have replaced your iPhone twice too, but an impressive watch is something you can keep, treasure, be proud of, and use for years to come.

The notion of sporting a watch additionally allows scope to express oneself in more ways than you might initially think. It’s no hidden fact that movements come in all shapes and sizes, and strap options can help you to complete the look you’re striving for. Some may prefer the look of the more classic designs, others might present a more modern option, but that’s the beauty of a watch, the choice is yours!

Having a collection of timepieces in a variety of styles, designs, brands, whichever you prefer, allows you to choose just the right one for everyoccasion and situation. Hitting the right note when it comes to details goes a long way in the direction of making you look your best. When it comes to watches, that means ensuring the one you’ve chosen to wear goes with the rest of what you are wearing. A brightly coloured digital watch with a flashing light function may be fun to wear to the beach, but it’s more than likely never going to be fitting to wear with your attire at a black tie dinner.

Should you enjoy receiving compliments on what you wear, you also shouldn’t underestimate the value of going one further than many would and buying a vintage watch. You just have to take a look at what Pieces of Time can offer in our catalogue of timepieces to know this.

Consider our wise words, we promise that we’re steering you on a path to becoming the stylish man you want and deserve to be.

Image: Unsplashunder Creative Commons.