VAP Escapement 8 Day Alarm


Signed  V.A.P. Brevete
Circa   1890
A late 19th Century French eight day alarm with unusual escapement.
Diameter   96 mm         

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A late 19th Century French eight day alarm with unusual escapement.  Circular brass movement with going barrel.  Platform on the back for the plain cock, plain three arm steel balance with blue steel spiral hairspring, polished steel regulator.  A long lever is pivoted under a separate cock, its arbor carrying the pallets lying between the plates, large brass escape wheel.  Similar to dead beat pendulum escapement but with a slight amount of draw.  Small barrel and train for the alarm under a small blate below the main one, the hammer striking a bell between the plates.  White enamel dial with subsidiary for alarm set, Roman numerals, blue steel hands.  Drum shaped chrome case with large ring pendant.  Slip on back pierced in the centre to allow the bell to sound clearly.  On the inside of the cover a circular paper with instructions for use.  Housed in a black morocco covered travelling case lined with red velvet, original double ended key under the clock.

Apparently based on a pendulum clock escapement it bears similarities to the English lever watch escapement.  See “Carriage Clocks” by Charles Allix and Peter Bonnert page 214 for the description of the escapement in a carriage clock.  Probably Victor-Athanase Pierret (1806-93).  In excellent overall condition apart from the travelling case