Rare Gold Ring Thermometer by Breguet


Signed   Breguet et Fils
Circa   1810
Diameter   24 x 29 mm         

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A rare early 19th Century thermometer by Breguet in a gold oval ring.  Oval gilt plate with bimetallic strip and quadrant gears linked to a central pinion.  Fine signed engine turned gold dial marked "Thermometre".  Circular chapter marked in degrees and at the quarters "Glace – Tempere – Chaleur – Fievre".  Gold oval case, engine turned middle, glazed on both sides to reveal the mechanism.  Reeded gold swivel band to allow use as a ring or perhaps as a fob.  Accompanied by a certificate from the archives showing it was sold in 1810 for 336 Francs.

An attractive and rare piece by this most eminent watchmaker.  Breguet produced very few thermometers, the ninth was sold to Prince Antonio of Spain in 1813.  See Breguet - Watchmakers since 1775 by Emanuel Breguet, page 263,  where this ring thermometer is illustrated.