Rare Gold Mystery Watch


Signed   Mysterious Watch
Circa   1890
Diameter   53 mm         

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A late 19th Century Swiss mystery watch in a gold double sided case.  The gilt cylinder movement relegated to the crescent shaped portion of the watch between the glass dial and the pendant.  Keyless with small going barrel.  Small plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring, polished steel regulator.  Polished steel cylinder, steel escape wheel.   Glass dial with gilt Arabic numerals and minute ring, decorative engraved gold masks.  The gilt hands are driven by a glass disc which has a toothed brass wheel attached to its outer edge engaging the train.  The miniature motion work for the hands is set between another glass disc and the dial.  There is no provision to set the hands apart from moving them manually, which is common in these watches.  Plain 14 carat gold case and masks, glazed back and front.  Gold button in the band to release the sprung front cover, the crown with an internal ratchet to wind the watch.