Large Silver Skull Watch


Signed   Jh Faller  - a Fontenay
Circa   1800
Dimensions   62 x 67 x 94 mm         

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A late 18th Century French verge with Masonic silver dial in an unusual large silver case in the form of a skull.  Full plate gilt fusee movement.  Finely pierced and engraved bridge cock with steel coqueret, plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Silver regulator dial with blue steel indicator.  Silver dial, the numerals replaced with raised representations of Masonic symbols.  Engraved in the centre “Sage Se Mosseur Vert C aui Jamais Se Repose Cest L Heroisme Du Magon”.  Gilt Breguet hands.  Substantial large cast silver case in the form of a skull.  Realistically modelled with deep eye sockets, nasal passages and carved teeth.  The top of the skull engraved with scenes including a skeleton and the Garden of Eden in medieval style.  Hinged at the back, opening to reveal the dial.  Pierced and engraved band to the centre, the watchmaker’s name engraved at the base of the skull.

An interesting piece made in early 17th Century style.