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Restoring antique watches

Regardless of whether you collect old cars or antique watches, everything will eventually need a little TLC to restore the item to its best quality. With vintage watches, there is a right and wrong way to restore them. The wrong process can drastically decrease the value of your watch, so it pays to understand and know the correct processes that go into restoring these timepieces.

This guide looks at the spec regarding vintage watch restoration, whilst preserving the historical integrity and value of the piece.

movements inside antique watches.

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Museum showcases antique pocket watch repaired by blind man

If you are a lover of watches and haven’t visited the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society museum in Broad Street, in Spalding, we highly recommend you take a trip to go. The museum had an open day on Sunday 9th October with a guided tour, showcasing a wide range of antique pocket watches and clocks, as well as the interesting history and stories behind the craftsmen and repairmen.

Museum showcase displays of antique pocket watches

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How does KISS drummer keep his beat?

What makes Eric Singer, drummer for the quirky and world renowned band KISS, good at what he does? Measuring beats. In order for a song to be spectacular it is essential to have a drummer who has mastered this technique. For Eric Singer, he sees an elemental bond between his passion and watches. That is why he loves to collect wrist watches – from antique wrist watches to high tech – as he travels the world. He loves the idea of having time easily accessible to him as he drums, saying: “What I do for a living is I keep time playing music, and a watch keeps time on my wrist.”

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Golden rules for antique watches collectors

When starting an antique watch collection, it can be easy to get carried away, buying the first item that you see. But if you do not choose your antiques carefully, you could end up with a collection which will gain little value over the years, and also one that offers little cohesion when you take a step back and overview your complete collection.

Fear not, the experts at Pieces of Time have gone to the effort and written a list of golden rules for collecting antique watches that will help get you started and on track with your new collection:

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