Why you should use an antique dealer when buying antiques

From auctions to fairs and markets, and even online, antique lovers of today are flooded with possibilities of where to make their next purchase of their antique watches. Whether you’re an antique veteran or a beginner buyer, there is always something thrilling about finding that perfect hidden gem.

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Here are several reasons why we still believe that when purchasing an antique, enlisting a reputable antique dealer is the best way forward:


Choosing an antique dealer will ensure that your supplier is as passionate as you are about your next purchase. Antique dealers often have years of industry experience, and while having a broader knowledge of the overall business,they will most likely specialise in one or several main areas, whether it be 18th century china or antique watches. Some antique dealers may also specialise in a time frame, which is useful if you are interested in purchasing multiple items produced within a certain period. Your dealer will often be able to treat you to some historical facts or even stories about the item you are purchasing.


Like any business, an antique dealer has a reputation to uphold. Word of mouth is important in the business, and it’s in the dealer’s best interests to ensure they supply a reputable service. You should be able to research the reputation of any well-known dealer before making a purchase. It’s also a good idea to check if your antique dealer is a member of an antique trade association, such as BADA. These associations are here to uphold quality and excellence in the industry, and have rigorously vetted their members to ensure that their service is trustworthy.

Peace of mind

By using an experienced and reputable antique dealer you can rest assured that you’ve invested in a quality and authentic antique, as opposed to a seller who might claim to know the origins of the item through hearsay or family tales. If you wish to do some research beforehand then your dealer may even reserve an item for you, and you will also be able to secure an invoice upon purchase.

And finally… no unpleasant surprises.

Purchasing online can be a little tricky at the best of times. There’s always a chance that when your item arrives it may not quite match up to the description given online, or even look like the photos provided. It is usually advisable to view an item in person before making a decision, especially when purchasing furniture. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but you will be able to get a realistic view of the item’s scale and style in comparison to other items in the shop. You will be able to see how the item will fit in with the decor of your home, or pick up some ideas about how to display your new piece.