Why Wearing a Watch at Work Makes You More Successful

Wearing a watch to work is more than just a fashion statement. Wearing watches in the work environment can help you be successful at work for a number of reasons.

business man is more successful at work because of wearing an antique watch


There are some companies where dressing to impress can get you noticed in your professional career. If your boss or associates are impressed by your style you are likely to be remembered, which can bode well when it comes to when important tasks are delegated out. Dressing to impress, with a high quality watch, can show that you are a perfectionist which is a desirable trait when it comes to workers.

Talking Point

Watches can be a great accessory to wear if you are finding it difficult to talk with your fellow employees in a new place or you have exhausted all the talking points in the office. New or antique watches can be a great conversation topic with your boss, who will appreciate the conversation not being solely about business – and can create a great bond between you and them (which can only be beneficial as you progress in the business).


Good impressions are also important when having interviews. Time management is a skill that is needed in almost every job out there, and something every interviewer looks for in potential employees. Everyone can say that they have good time management skills, but wearing a watch is physical evidence that you are conscientious of time.

Fitting in

There are some industries where wearing a watch is an expected part of the professional ‘uniform’. If you notice that everyone else in your work place is wearing a watch and you are not, it may be time to invest so that you can fit in.

International Business

In certain parts of Europe wearing a watch symbolises your serious attitude and professionalism. If you are planning to do business internationally it may be time to invest in a new watch. If you are unsure about which watch you should be getting – have a look around or start up a conversation with one of your new associates. This can be a great way to find out which watch you should be getting as well as break the ice.