5 Key Reasons You Should Be Wearing a Wrist Watch

Whether your preference is antique wrist watches or high tech gadgets (or both!) there are several reasons why you should be sporting a wrist watch.

Man wearing antique wrist watch for fashion

Conversation starter

Watches are a great piece to start a conversation, especially antique wrist watches that have an interesting history. People are fascinated by the craftsmanship that go into watches, or are impressed by the design, and so they can be a great thing to talk about to break the ice or a dulled silence in a conversation. Watches are a great way to receive compliments as it will be one of the main things people will notice on your handshake.

Collecting watches can also be a great way to socialise, as there is a big community of people that love to collect watches. A collection of watches can also be a great way to impress people.


Watches make timekeeping convenient. With a wrist watch you can easily tell the time without having to fumble around for your phone. Your phone can also be a source of distraction, with texts or phone calls to return or notifications to check, sometimes having a way of telling the time without these distractions can be a way to keep you living in the moment or keep your productivity at an optimum level.


Watches can be a great accessory to compliment your outfit and can match a variety of outfit choices. They are a great and elegant way of showing your personality and style.


Watches can also be a great reminder of a special occasion in your life. Treating yourself to a new watch to mark a grand occasion can fill you with a great sense of achievement. Or if they were given to you by a loved one, they can hold sentimental value that you can be reminded of everyday.


Antique wrist watches can be passed down from generation to generation, making them a great investment.