Three Colour Gold Quarter Repeating Verge


Signed   Dufalga Geneve
Circa   1770
Diameter   44 mm       Depth   12 mm

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An 18th Century quarter repeating Swiss verge in an unusual gold consular case.  Full plate gilt fusee movement.  Finely pierced and engraved bridge cock with steel coqueret.  Plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring, silver regulator dial with blue steel indicator.  Push pendant quarter repeating on a bell in the case.  Wound through the white enamel dial, Roman and Arabic numerals, decorative pierced gold hands.  Unusual three colour gold consular case chased and engraved in a geometric pattern radiating from the centre of the back.  Discretely pierced to allow the bell to sound clearly, “a toc” button in the front bezel.

An attractive 18th Century Swiss repeating watch in excellent overall condition.