Small Ladies Gold and Enamel Pendant Watch


Signed   Moulinie & Co - Geneve
Circa   1840
Diameter   27 mm         

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A small mid 19th Century Swiss cylinder in a gold and enamel open face case.  Keywind gilt Lepine calibre movement with suspended Plain cock with polished steel regulator. Plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring. Polished steel cylinder, steel escape wheel. Silver engine turned dial with engraved centre, Roman numerals, gold hands.  Small 18 carat open face case with ribbed middle.  Chased back with a polychrome champleve enamel floral decoration at the centre.  Wound and set through the gold cuvette engraved “Exd. By Dent  – Chronometer Maker to the Queen”.  Fine short gold chain with gold ratchet key.  In a red presentation case marked Ravaud – Bijoutier – Toulon”.