Skeletonised Gold Automaton Verge


Anonymous    Swiss
Circa   1810
Diameter   55 mm         

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An early 19th Century Swiss quarter repeating automaton in a gold open face case.   Full plate fusee movement, pierced and engraved bridge cock, garnet endstone in a polished steel setting, silver regulator dial with polished steel indicator.  Pendant quarter repeating on two gongs.  Small white enamel ring dial with Arabic numerals, blue steel hands.  Either side of the dial are chased and engraved parcel gilt classical figures fixed above the plate and polished steel repeating work.  As the watch strikes the hours and quarters the arms of the figures move as though striking the bells between them.   Gold open face case with ribbed middle, unusual back chased and engraved in a spiral pattern. Gold push pendant, sprung gilt cuvette.