Silver English Pocket Chronometer


Signed   John Archer from the late E J Dent   Chronometer Maker to the Queen    London    
Hallmarked London   1859
Diameter   58 mm       Depth   17 mm

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A fine mid 19th Century English spring detent chronometer in a silver open face case.  Full plate gilt keywind fusee movement, four turned pillars secured by blue steel screws.  Harrison’s maintaining power, blue steel barrel ratchet wheel and double toothed click on the barrel bridge.  Six spoke train wheels.  Plain cock, diamond endstone in a blue steel setting, two arm compensation balance with two wedge shaped weights and four timing nuts.   Freesprung blue steel helical hairspring.  Earnshaw spring detent escapement, escape pivots with endstones.   White enamel dial with subsidiary seconds, Roman numerals, blue steel seconds hand, gold hands.  Substantial plain silver open face case, maker’s mark “TH”.

A fine example of a 19th Century English chronometer in excellent overall condition.  Constructed in a very similar fashion to marine chronometers of the period.  Very unusually the stud for the helical balance spring is on the right of the balance, the spiral of the spring therefore left handed.  The eminent maker E J Dent died in 1853.  Although the firm continued into the 20th Century it appears John Archer struck out on his own.  The workmanship is worthy of his previous employer.   Casemaker Thomas Holliday, Goswell Road 1852 - 1863.