Set of Timing Chronographs


Signed   Hanhart
Circa   1995
Diameter   55 mm         

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A set of three centre seconds flyback chronograph timers on a dashboard mount.  The three movements of broadly similar construction with nickle plates, plain steel balances with spiral hairsprings and shockproof jewelling.  The centre chronograph with a club foot lever escapement.  The others with pin pallet.  All function in the same way.  Depressing the winding crown either starts or stops the watch.  Depressing the button at 11 o’clock returns the hands to zero.  The centre chronograph’s black hand rotates once a minute, the dial being marked in one hundredths of a minute.  The smaller red hand with red Arabic numerals records for sixty minutes.  The right hand chronograph is conventionally marked with a subsidiary for thirty minute record.  The left hand chronograph’s hand rotates twice every minute.  The dial is marked in black Arabic numerals up to thirty seconds and in red of thirty two to sixty seconds.  Chromed metal cases with flat grains backs, black plastic crowns and return buttons.  Three strong retaining springs are mounted on a substantial chromed plate with screw holes at the corners.

In excellent condition, apparently never used although there are some marks from the springs when the chronographs have been removed and replaced.  Most commonly used as timers in rally cars before the advent of electronic alternatives.