Rare Zenith Deck Watch with Decimal Dial


Signed   Zenith
Circa   1940
Diameter   51 mm         

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A mid 20th Century Swiss centre seconds lever deck watch with rare decimal dial in a stainless steel case.  Gilt three quarter plate keyless going barrel movement with centre seconds transfer work above.  Plain cock with polished steel regulator, compensation balance with blue steel overcoil hairspring. Club foot lever escapement. Unusual white centre seconds dial.  The longest blue steel hand rotates once a minute indicating on the outer ring marked in bold black Arabic numerals 1 – 10, the chapter divided into one hundred divisions. Within this the minutes marked in red to 60 and a smaller chapter for the hours marked to twelve in black.  Blue steel hands for the seconds and hours, a red hand for the minutes.  Plain stainless steel open face case with screw back and bezel, marked “Staybrite – Swiss Made” and the Zenith logo below.  The back marked with the broad Ministry arrow, stores and serial numbers.  “H.S.3” has been struck through with two lines.

A rare type of dial intended to emphasise the minutes picked out in red on the intermediate chapter ring. The outer markings calibrated to indicate 100 divisions per minute. This allowed for rapid mathematical calculations expressed in terms of decimals.