Rare Regulator Dial Calendar Clockwatch


Anonymous    English
Circa   1780
Diameter   65 mm       Depth   16 mm

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A large rare late 18th Century English verge clockwatch with regulator dial and day date calendar in decorative gilt and enamel pair cases.  Full plate fire gilt movement with gilt dust cover.  Pierced and engraved cock, silver regulator disc. Plain three arm gilt balance, one arm a short counterweight to avoid the winding square, blue steel spiral hairspring.  Resting barrel for the striking train.  Two polished steel hammers sounding on a bell in the case.  Two blows are struck for each quarter and a blow for each hour on the hour.  White enamel dial with subsidiaries for hours, seconds, day of the week and date.  Central minute hand, Roman and Arabic numerals.  Lateral levers to set the date and for strike / silent.  Pierced and engraved gilt metal pair cases, sections of the piercing picked out in silver.  Polychrome enamel centre to the outer case, oval scene depicting a young girl with her dog sitting beneath a tree.  Unusual blue raised beads bordering the scene and the front bezel set with split pearls.