Large Silver Automata Verge


Signed   G Mastermann    London    
Circa   1795
Diameter   64 mm       Depth   13 mm

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A large late 18th Century verge with automated scene in silver pair cases.  Full plate gilt fusee movement.  Finely pierced and engraved bridge cock with large blue cabochon endstone in a gilt and polished steel setting.  Plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring, elaborate polished steel regulator marked “Advance – Retard”.  Pentagonal baluster pillars.  White enamel dial, the offset chapter of Roman numerals with Arabic numerals at the quarters.  Fine decorative gilt hands.  Around the chapter a polychrome enamel scene depicting a forest scene of a stag being chased.   An oval aperture in the lower half of the scene reveals disc with figures of stags, hunters and dogs painted on it.  As the watch runs the figures pass across the oval representing a hunt.  Large plain silver pair cases, long silver pendant and bow.

In excellent overall condition.  Although possibly retailed in England this is of continental manufacture, most probably Swedish. A similar watch by the same maker, with the automata depicting the Battle of Arcola n 1795, was in our catalogue 106 -Number 30.