Large Musical Silver Hunter


Signed   Depose Gesetzlich Geschutzt
Circa   1900
Diameter   60 mm         

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A late 19th Century Swiss musical watch in a large silver full hunter case.  Keyless nickelled musical movement with very large going barrel playing at will or on the hour.  Nickelled pinned barrel with polished steel comb of 30 graduated tignes.  Under this a circular gilt keyless cylinder watch movement offset towards the pendant.  Puce enamel dial decorate with musical instruments, offset white chapter with Roman numerals, gilt hands.  Substantial large silver full hunter case, glazed clip on cuvette to reveal the mechanism, lateral silver slide in the band to play the music.  Both the musical and watch movements are wound by the crown.  When the pin above the crown is depressed the watch is wound, when not, the music is wound.

An impressive large watch in excellent overall condition.