Ladies Gold and Enamel Half Hunter by Patek Philippe


Signed   Patek Philippe & Co  - Geneve
Circa   1875
Diameter   33 mm         

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A small late 19 Century Swiss lever by Patek Philippe in a gold and enamel half hunter case.  Keyless gilt bar movement with going barrel, frosted steel wolfs teeth winding work.  Plain cock with polished steel regulator.  Compensation balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Club foot lever escapement, the lever with counterbalance extension arms extended beyond the pallets.  Escape pivots with endstones in a polished steel setting.  White enamel dial with Roman numerals, blue steel hands. Small 18 carat gold and enamel half hunter case.  The chapter ring on the front cover in light pink translucent enamel over an engine turned ground, dark blue Roman numerals.  Around the chapter a border of blue forget-me-nots.  The back cover similarly decorated, centred with a polychrome bouquet of flowers.  Signed and numbered gold cuvette, maker’s mark “PP & Co” in a rectangle.