Horn Singing Bird Box


Anonymous Circa   1880
Dimensions   101 x 66 x 38 mm         

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A late 19th Century Swiss automated singing bird in a horn box .  Brass movement keywound through the base.  Bellows and piston mechanism to vary the song of the bird. .  The bird covered in iridescent humming bird feathers.  Moving the gilt lateral slide on the front of the box causes the repousse  gilt oval lid to open and the bird to hinge into an upright position.  It starts its song, rotates left and right, flaps its wings, rotates its head and open and closes its beak.  Moving the slide to the left folds the bird back into the case and the lid closes.  Horn box with a compartment at the back with a hinged horn lid. The top of oval gilt hinged cover to the bird decorated with a chased and engraved putti attending to a large birdcage.