French Repeating Gold and Enamel Chatelaine Watch


Signed   Ageron   a Paris
Circa   1780
Diameter   37 mm         

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A small late 18th Century French quarter repeating cylinder in a gold and enamel consular case and chatelaine. Full plate gilt fusee movement with gilt dust ring.  Finely pierced and engraved bridge cock, garnet endstone in a polished steel setting.  Plain three arm steel balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Silver regulator dial with blue steel indicator.  Polished steel cylinder, large steel, escape wheel.  Push pendant quarter repeating striking on two blocks in the case.  White enamel dial with Arabic numerals, decorative pierced gold hands.  Raised engraved brass edge to the dial signed “Ageron”.  Gold and enamel consular case with gold push pendant and stirrup bow.  Radially chased back with a circular polychrome enamel centre of floral decoration on a blue ground.  Gold and enamel chatelaine. Hinged gilt clip to the buckle, polychrome ovals scene of cherubs on a blue background.  Suspended from the buckle are three broad chains, decorated with translucent blue enamel oval shaped cartouches, and four fine pierced chains with diamond shaped cartouches.  Central rectangular gold and translucent blue enamel cartouche centred by a small rectangular polychrome enamel scene of a reclining cherub within a border of split pearls.  Three broad chains with translucent blue enamel oval shaped cartouches are supported by the cartouche, the centre one for the watch, the others for double sided gold and enamel oval decorations.  The two long outer broad chains terminate in a key and a seal set with a plain cornelian both mounted on swivels and decorated with blue and white enamel.