Fine Gold Pearl Set Watch and Pendant


Anonymous    Swiss
Circa   1840
Diameter   44 mm         

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A mid 19th Century Swiss cylinder in a fine gold case encrusted with split pearls with matching pendant.  Unusual gilt three quarter plate keywind movement with resting barrel.  Sector shaped cock with polished steel regulator and coqueret set with a garnet endstone.  Plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Polished steel cylinder, steel escape wheel. Fine engine turned gold dial, the Roman numerals and minute marking set with split pearls, gold hands.  Very fine open face encrusted with split pearls, sprung front bezel opened by depressing a button in the pendant.  The back entirely covered in split pearls in a pattern radiating in a cluster of pearls below the pendant.  Set in a series of graduated rows from 0.7 mm to 3.5 mm at the edge.  The space between the large split pearls filled with small pearls.  Front bezel set with a single row of large split pears each surrounded by more split pearls.  Gold pendant also encrusted with split pearls, pearl set gold bow.  Matching gold pin and bar with heart shaped centre supporting a spring clip all set with graduated split pearls.  Large gold oval key with engine turned centre.  In fitted gilt tooled red morocco covered case marked “No. 5050” from the retailer Desoutter of Hanover Street, London.

A fine and rare watch in excellent overall condition.  A tour de force of the art.  The skill and time taken to decorate the watch should not be underestimated.  Every opportunity to set the watch with split pearls has been taken, even the ring for the spring clip.