English Gold and Enamel Chatelaine Watch


Signed   J Perigal
Circa   1780
Diameter   40 mm         

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A late 18th Century English verge in a gold and enamel consular case with matching chatelaine.  Full plate fire gilt fusee movement with round pillars.  Pierced and engraved cock, silver regulator disc. Plain three arm steel balance, blue steel spiral hairspring. Winding through the fully restored white enamel dial, Roman and Arabic numerals, gold beetle and poker hands.  Gold and enamel consular case, bezels decorated in blue enamel with a row of white enamel dots to imitate split pearls.  The back with a restored  oval  cartouche painted “en grisaille” depicting the huntress Diana and Cupid.  The cartouche bordered by a row of white enamel dots and translucent green enamel over an engine turned ground.  Fine matching chatelaine, the gilt clip faced with gold and champleve enamel., the large oval cartouche similar to that of the watch depicting Greek muse Erato and cupid.   Border of blue and white champleve enamel and below seven eyelets in a green enamel scollop shaped extension. Three gold and enamel chains support a smaller gold cartouche decoration matching that of the clip, gold spring clip with threaded safety collar for the watch.  Four shorter chains, each with one gold and enamel link and a hinged gold spring clip with threaded safety collar.  Small gold flask enamelled “en grisaille” on both sides with a small cameo.  One clip vacant, lacking the cover to the spring.  The other two chains with a gilt key and small carved heart shaped stone.  Later black morocco covered presentation case lined with red velvet.