Early English Clockwatch


Signed  John Fitter at Fulham Fecit
Circa   1680
A fine 17th Century English single handed clockwatch in silver pair cases.
Diameter   61 mm       Depth   17.5 mm

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A fine 17th Century English single handed clockwatch in silver pair cases.  Deep full plate fire gilt movement, tulip pillars with arched gallery above.  Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates. Pierced and engraved cock secured by a blue steel screw, pierced and engraved foot, silver regulator disc.   Plain steel balance, the arms shaped to allow them to miss the winding square, short spiral hairspring.  Hour striking on a bell in the case, pierced and engraved resting barrel, blue steel stopwork.  Chased and pierced blue steel gates and silver count wheel to control the strike.  Gilt dial plate with engraved brass border, rectangular bayonet feet, decorative blue steel latch.  Fine silver champleve dial, Roman numerals inside the large chapter with five minute divisions, unusual slender carved single blue steel hand.  Silver inner case profusely decorated with foliage both in the pierced border and solid centre of the back.  Attractively engraved split bezel, silver pendant and ring bow.  Large plain silver outer case simply pierced with silver roundels, seven joint square hinge.  Cast silver crank key.

A fine early clock watch in excellent overall condition.  John Fitter, Battersea, free of the Clockmakers Company 1685.  An interesting pre balance spring watch with hour, minute and seconds hands by him is shown in Britten.  Battersea and Fulham are adjoining districts in West London and there is no doubt this is the same man