Double Sided Silver Calendar


Anonymous    Swiss
Circa   1890
Diameter   50 mm         

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A late 19th  Century Swiss lever with double sided calendar in a silver case.  Keyless gilt bar movement with going barrel.  Plain cock with polished steel regulator.  Compensation balance with overcoil hairspring, club foot lever escapement.  White enamel dial with subsidiary seconds and Roman numerals, blue steel hands. Further calendar indications are on the other side of the watch.  The phase of the moon is indicated through an aperture in the centre on a blue steel and gold disc. The month together with the number of days in the month shown in a rectangular aperture at twelve o’clock.  Day of the week and date indicated by a single blue steel hand.  The odd days of the month in Arabic numerals on the fixed gilt centre.  Day of the week shown by the initial, in English, Sunday being marked in Red on a silvered ring.  This ring can be rotated by a thumb wheel to align the correct day with the date.  The day, date and moonphase changed automatically by a pawl on the movement.   Plain double sided silver case, the calendar side under two glasses.

See Pocket Watches by Reinhard Meis, page 266 for a similar watch.