Cylinder by Graham


Signed   Geo Graham    London
Circa   1751
Diameter   50 mm       Depth   14mm

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A mid 18th Century English cylinder by George Graham fitted in gilt and shagreen pair cases.  Full plate fire gilt movement with square baluster pillars.  Pierced and engraved masked cock, garnet endstone, engraved foot and plate for the silver regulator disc. Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates. Plain three arm steel balance, blue steel spiral hairspring.  Polished steel cylinder, large brass escape wheel. White enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, blue steel beetle and poker hands.   Well fitted in a contemporary gilt metal pair case.  Plain gilt inner case with gilt pendant and stirrup box, the winding aperture elongated to fit.  Gilt outer case covered in green shagreen decorated with gilt pique pins.

This is one of the last watches by Graham. It is noted in Vulliamy?s Ledgers as being in a gold case. Dust cover missing. George Graham (1673-1751) apprenticed to Henry Aske in 1688. He worked for Thomas Tompion and later became partners with him. After Tompion?s death Graham continued the business in Fleet Street. He developed the cylinder escapement and exclusively used it in watches after 1728.