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Fascinating facts about time

Time. Something we all base our daily schedules around. Some have too much, some don’t have enough, but have you ever actually tried to get your head around the concept of time? In this day and age, it’s not only watch-wearers who are conscientious of timings. Following the industrial revolution, people became obsessed with times and schedules and they are now prevalent on objects we use every single day, such as laptops, phones and even microwaves.

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Top tips for cleaning your antique clock

Dirt and dust can often clog the movable, sliding parts and affect the features of any delicate mechanism, therefore keeping your antique clock clean is an essential part of owning such a unique and wonderful item.Below we have collated five top tips which you can carry out at home, for keeping your clock clean and ensuring your antique looks and functions in the very best way.

Antique Clock available at Pieces of Time

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