Four famous songs in homage to time

We have been looking recently at lots of different aspects that relate not just to UK antique pocket watches, but watches, clocks, and other movements in general that we use to tell time in some way or another. This got us to thinking about the songs that have been made over the years that have a connection to time, or timepieces themselves.

A wrist watch on a table

After some thought, we thought it would be a good idea to share a handful of our favourite songs and their music videos, with you. Take a look at see how many you know!

Coldplay – Clocks (Video: Coldplay Official)


The Byrds – Turn, Turn, Turn (Video: embryonicsoul)


Culture Club – Time (Clock of The Heart) (Video: emimusic)


Groove Armada – Hands of Time (Video: monkeyJLG)

We’d love to hear what your favourite songs are if you have any that are different to these, so why not leave us a comment on our Facebook page or Twitter?

All videos courtesy of YouTube.