A poke at time: 11 things that occur when the clocks wind back for winter

There’s a host of things that happen when we go through that annual event of putting the clocks back. Now we’ve done it, let’s take a look at some of the more amusing things we’ve all known to happen, shall we?

Daylight Savings Time example with Pieces of Time

1. The old “extra hour in bed” line is something that simply never materialises because you wake up anyway. Instead of that hallowed additional hour you wake up earlier than usual, spend it lying in bed, effing and blinding your own internal body clock.

2. There’s always that person who says that more daylight in the mornings is “good for milkmen and postmen”, regardless of whether they get milk delivered anymore or not, and the post doesn’t come ‘til lunchtime.

3. Desperately spending Sunday attempting to figure out which of many devices kindly updated the time automatically and which ones did not.

4. Your mum, bless her, becomes oddly obsessed with ensuring she regularly informs you the clocks go back. Not just in person, but via phone, text and email!

5. Once you’ve worked out what’s what with the clocks that haven’t updated, you then have to go through the ordeal of ineffectually tapping away at the tiny dials that are meant to make the hour counter flash and change to the appropriate time.

6. You spend hours, days even, trying to recall the old saying, “Fall forward, Spring back”.

7. And then when you’ve finally remembered you get ticked off that you called it ‘Fall’, it’s autumn!

8. Realising that you just need to give up the ghost when it comes to altering the car dashboard, oven and boiler clocks. They can wait six months and they’ll be right then!

9. When you turn the radio on and there’s the annual uninformed radio phone-in with people discussing whether we need to forget the Daylight Saving Time thing or not.

10. Regular meal times suddenly go all skewwhiff due to the fact that your stomach doesn’t realise, or have the capacity to understand that the clocks have changed.

11.You realise that social media will now be brimming with “hilarious” satirical jokes about what happens when the clocks go back!


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