Month: May 2017

Fascinating facts about time

Time. Something we all base our daily schedules around. Some have too much, some don’t have enough, but have you ever actually tried to get your head around the concept of time? In this day and age, it’s not only watch-wearers who are conscientious of timings. Following the industrial revolution, people became obsessed with times and schedules and they are now prevalent on objects we use every single day, such as laptops, phones and even microwaves.

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5 of the most incredible astronomical clocks from around the world

Astronomical clocks are something of sheer beauty and technicality that date back to the 11th century. There are many fine examples of these that remain today, stunning parts of history, which have been passed down through generations as a treasure of both art and time. We are here today to delve into the depths of five of the most beautiful astronomical clocks around the world and offer you a little insight into their past. But first off…

astronomical clocks

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What is a Fob watch?

One of the most fashionable and useful accessories throughout the Western World throughout the 20th century was the fob watch.With so many terms and names attached to timepieces, unless you are a walking watch glossary, it can all get a bit confusing with the term ‘fob watch’ often confusing many people. Continue reading “What is a Fob watch?”