What to buy someone who has it all

This is a tough question that seems to be getting increasingly more difficult given today’s modern consumerism, however, arts and antiques are always a solid acquisition, and we shall tell you why.

pieces of time antique pocket watches

We’ll briefly touch on art first. Art is a lovely gift to give, it hangs on a person’s wall forever and also makes for a good talking point.

The greatest part about gifting bespoke art is that it is timeless and invaluable, simply because you cannot put a price on it.

Now when it comes to Antiques such as half-hunter watches or hunter watches, they can make a magnificent gift – particularly because you can’t just pick a generic one up off the shelves at the local department store. Experts advise choosing an antique in keeping with the person’s interest to avoid disappointment- although this is unlikely when selecting a pocket watch as they are such divine items to offer as a gift. Antique pocket watches and antique pocket compasses make for ideal gifts for men as it ties in nicely with an outfit that might be worn to an event.

Image: Jeffrey Smith under creative commons.