Watches are retro chic, are they?

Whether you knew it, or not, wearing watches are considered to be an act of appreciating all that is retro chic. You can be wearing hunter watches as a serious statement, or, simply, because you love them, but come pocket or wrist, you’re now wearing something that falls into a genre of fashion. We can explain in a little more detail if you’re wondering what this is all about.

A Cartier Vintage Wrist Watch Similar to the antique wrist watches you can buy from Pieces of Time

A device that only has one function? That’s retro (apparently). The word retrois a tricky term — when we say something is retro, just what era are we casting back to? The truth is, it doesn’t really matter when it comes to watches simply due to the fact that no matter how far back you seek your timepiece fashion inspiration, watches will always, always, be popular.

However, ‘retro glam’ has never been more in vogue than it is set to be in the coming months as the 2015 trends hit the eyes of adoring fashionistas. So if you haven’t managed to yet, buy a watch.

Image: GuySie under Creative Commons.