Watch trends for 2016

Rolex Submariner Watch Trends 2016 Fashion Fashionable Watch Maker Tag Heuer | Pieces Of Time Antique Watches Online Sales ShopThe watch you decide to wear on your wrist isn’t quite as sensitive to seasonal changes in fashion as what you wear on the rest of your body – but it does still change.

So while we all know there are classic watches will never go out of fashion, it is still good to know which of those classic watches is the most appropriate to wear with current trends.

So with that in mind we thought we’d take a look at some of the trends which are set to be big in the coming year.

Customisation – Make Your Watch Unique

People have customised watches for as long as watches have been around, but it’s typically been with small touches like engraving the back with an inscription.

In 2016 this is set to seem passé, with people customising the straps and faces of their watches. Watch maker Paul Sweetenham said: “There’s a growing fashion for customisation of design and the colours of watch straps and dials.”

That means you can stay right on trend by buying antique watches and taking them to your local watch maker for customisation. Why not change the colour of a Rolex Submariner’s face or add a touch of gold leaf to you TAG Heuer Monaco’s Chrono markers?

Time to Downsize

Massive watch faces so big they could double as your dinner plate or be mistaken for an LP are no longer in vogue, and it’s about time as far as we’re concerned.

And Paul Sweetenham agrees. He said: “When Arnie and Stallone were spotted wearing 47mm Panerai Luminor Marina Submersibles back in the 1990s it was a sign they were the hottest watches around. But now they look outdated and it seems like anyone wearing one is trying to compensate for a lack of size elsewhere.

“These days it’s best to stay under 42mm.”

2016 is likely see the trend for smaller watches continue. Watch maker Matthew Rowell said: “A classic dial with traditional batons, in a slim case and with a leather strap, is set to be the hottest watch in 2016.”

White Gold

There was a resurgence in white gold in 2015 and it’s going to continue in the coming year. While Rose Gold has enjoyed a good run as the precious metal du jour, its run is set to be ended.

So taking the first fashion hand in hand with the trend for white gold, why not have new hands fitted to a watch which is made of white gold and have the best of both worlds?