Vintage watches continue to produce improved fees at auction

We must say that we aren’t surprised, but, for those who may be thinking of starting a collection, it has been announced that the market for vintage watches is continuing to produce strong price bids for collectible antique wrist watches and pocket watches among other styles.

Silver and Enamel Swiss Cylinder - Antique Pocket Watch- Ideal To Wear To The Races

It’s become apparent that watches with unique stories are attracting buyers’ interest. A Jaeger LeCoultre that once was owned by U.S. Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur sold for approximately £60,162, attaining a price four times more than its top estimate, according to Antiquorum.


Although prices are mostly greater than in the past, the vintage market is most definitely going through the same “flight to quality” that has previously been seen with other collectibles.


It has been noted that the price differential between top-tier watches and what can be referred to as 95 percent tier used to be 25 percent to 30 percent, but has widened considerably in the last few years.


It has been reported that the vast majority of young collectors are now collecting wristwatches. The pocket watch market continues to stay very strong, however.


It’s worth noting that it might take 2 decades or more before they can recoup their purchase price on the secondary market.