Time is money as watches top 2014 list of auction house search engine enquiries

The idea that antique pocket watches, classic wrist watches and clocks to name but a few time pieces, will ever lose appeal in the antiques market is a far-fetched notion. Recent news that luxury and antique watches are the two most popular items searched for by users of the auction house search engine Barneby’s further quashes this idea- thankfully.

Antique Watch Auction

The Swedish aggregator website that is responsible for linking auction catalogues from as many as 268 different auction houses across the world, including Christies, Sotheby’s, Antiquorum, and Fellows revealed details of their top ten search terms that have been entered in for the first half of 2014 and it was found that watches were the most popular item to be searched for with customers.

34,000 searches were conducted on Barnebys.com alone between January and June this year and from those 34,000 there were 13,000 searches made by customers seeking watches at auction with 11,800 users seeking fine jewels as second place in the listings. Antique chairs were third in the list with 3,200 searches

The search records show that Rolex was the most popular watch brand searched for, taking up just over half of watch searches, followed by pocket watches with 11% of the searches.