Three types of watch every stylish gent should have in their collection

Any man with an ounce of style will comprehend the notion that a timepiece, worn well, represents far more than its sole purpose; to tell time. A watch, whether it be sports watches, antique wrist watches, or vintage pocket watches UK antiques dealers have to choose from, these movements highlight the wearer’s personality.

A black and white image of a man in a dinner jacket wearing a vintage watch from Pieces of Time

There is also a feeling that, unlike women, men don’t have many jewellery options as far as accessorising their attire is concerned.

A watch is the one accessory that provides us with a sole purpose, as well as having the ability to stand the test of time from a style viewpoint.

In terms of style, we have four watch styles that every gent should have in their collection. When you find yourself in the market for a new watch, keep these characteristics in mind.


Leather strapped watch

The characteristics of a leather strapped watch are that they are slim, with an understated profile, featuring a metal case, simple watch face and leather strap (of course). These watches are designed to be used for everyday use, but they can be used for other times.

For example, if you’re attending a formal event, which can be anything from a traditional wedding to a black tie event, then you should bear in mind that classic and understated is best.

When it comes to your accessories you should ensure you pair it with the formality of the event itself, and when it comes to your watch, a modest style with a light-coloured face and black leather strap is ideal.

If you are attending a “dressy casual” or business casual situation and you are sporting a suit, then a similar watch with a brown leather band is the perfect option.

Metal fashion watch/Activity-specific timepiece

The characteristics of our second style of watch should include a larger case with a metal or leather bracelet, offer activity-specific features, for example, depth gauge, chronographs, and altimeter. These movements can also be used for everyday occasions and in some circumstances formal scenarios too.

Consider a fashion watch as an item that can be used in a host of casual situations, as well as pairing form and function together in such a way that it offers a representation of your personal style. It’s worth noting that these watches do not necessarily need to have been made by a fashion brand.

Occasionally, a fashion watch can be worn for smarter circumstances. For example, you can own a Rolex Submariner which could be worn on most days. You can be at the beach with shorts and T-shirt on and still wear this watch. then you can put on a suit, and this watch would still be appropriate.

It should go without saying that it’s not a requirement that you be a pilot, a diver, or a race-car driver to own and enjoy watches that are specifically built and designed for such activities.


Everyday casual watch

For an everyday casual watch, you should be aiming for a watch that can offer features that include a smaller face, with a metal casing, and the option of nylon, leather, or metal strap. The everyday timepiece shouldn’t be one that breaks the bank either.

When you have this movement on your person you’re not going anywhere that should warrant a special watch for the occasion.

Because of the fact that these watches are to be worn on a daily, we suggest not concerning yourself with opting to go down the more affordable route. There’s a plethora of options available that come in leather or metal, as well as some which offer bands you can exchange for nylon, should you wish.