Three of the most important watches in the world.

Watches differ from piece to piece but what doesn’t change is their importance. Whether to the person purchasing a watch or the person selling a watch, all watches are significant in some way and below are three of the world’s most important watches:

1) The Rolex Oyster Perpetual:
The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a timeless, vintage watch most commonly worn by men. The watch possesses a classic style and embodies an unending form and function making this watch a simple, original model. The design of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual guarantees a waterproof casing meaning the watch can be worn underwater until around 100m deep. The watch was designed and patented in 1926 and was the world’s very first waterproof watch, setting this watch aside from any other models and playing a huge part in the development of the wrist watch.

2) Wandering Hours:
Switzerland’s Perrin Freres created this incredible watch around 1800. The watch itself is a pioneer in the creation and development of watch making as it still stands as one of the world’s first ever digital watches, showing a display of hands to tell the time. Displaying three hands circling a central pivot, of which contains four small hour numerals that spin into place at the end of each hour, Freres’ Wandering Hours was able to show the time in a visionary way sought after by many.

3) Caliber 89:
The Caliber 89 is the world’s most intricate watch. Around the size of a hockey puck, the watch holds around 33 complications within its body. With astrological charts, chimes and calendars as three of the model’s unseen mechanical devices, the Caliber 89, created by Patek Philippe, is a world famous watch and is now displayed in the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva. The watch is still fully functioning yet needs winding daily in order for it to work. Still, the Caliber 89 is a timeless classic of great mystery and is by far one of the world’s most important watches.

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Image: Eternalsleeper available via Creative Commons