The vintage theme lives on as it dominates latest watch design

Although nothing could truly compare to the fine array of antique watches for sale you can come by in well-established antique stores it is a pleasant hat tip to these vintage movements that a revival of the classics was the key theme this year at the world’s largest watch fair.

The Longines Heritage Conquest 1954-2014 | Antique Watches For Sale

Baselworld saw standout vintage reissues and new heritage-influenced models this year which came from the likes of Tudor, Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega and Blancpain.

Although the faux vintage and artificial ageing aesthetic effects can be taken too far it is certainly possible to get the right balance and not look too kitsch.

Essentially, if modern watches are to succeed in their attempt to imitate the vintage classis they need to use moderation in their methods. Too much patina, too much artificial distressing and immediately the risk of looking like a pastiche is created. The top heritage watches honour the spirit and design of the watches they are inspired by.

Amongst the array of brands joining this year’s trend is Baume & Mercier, which has made waves recently with its heritage-imbued collections that draw their inspiration from chronographs of the ’30s and ’40s. These are expressions of pre-electronic eras, when technical watches were used as essential instruments that were relied upon by everyone from pilots to doctors and more.