The sport of Kings has every place for antique pocket watches

Britain’s richest horse race, and also the most prestigious of our country’s fiveClassic event which is often referred to as the Blue Riband of the turf. We are of course addressing the noble sport of horse racing and the Epsom Derby Races to be exact. Hosted in Epsom Downs, Surrey, the event is best known for the course hosting the Epsom the United Kingdom’s premier thoroughbred horse race for three-year-old colts and fillies who race the mile and a half track.

The Sport Of Kings- Horse Racing Dress Code- Antique Pocket Watches

The dress code for such a prestigious event, historically known as The Sport of Kings, requires a level of decorum which includes a formal dress code that will see gentlemen wearing their waistcoats and morning dress. But no outfit is complete without the definitive class and elegant statement of wearing antique pocket watches with their recognisable gallant-looking chains.

A picture speaks a thousand words

We have chosen six perfect options from our range using our vast experience in knowing what will stand out from the crowd without losing that touch of sophistication for the discerning male to stand out with a essence of splendour at the races. Find out more on each of these sublime movements by clicking the links above the images.

Large Nickel Chronograph

Large Nickel Chronograph- Antique Pocket Watch- Classic Watch

Silver and Enamel Swiss Cylinder

Silver and Enamel Swiss Cylinder - Antique Pocket Watch- Ideal To Wear To The Races

Gold English Half Hunter

Gold English Half Hunter- An Antique Pocket Watch- Perfect For An Antiques Collection

Silver English Half Hunter

Silver English Half Hunter - Part Of The Classic Collection Of Antique Pocket Watches Available- Perfect For Epsom Races

Decorative Gold Full Hunter Pocket Watch

Decorative Gold Full Hunter Pocket Watch - Antique Pocket Watches For Sale- Classic Watch

Gold Quarter Repeating Independent Seconds Hunter

 Gold Quarter Repeating Independent Seconds Hunter