The smartwatches are coming but we know where the beauty lies

Lord Alan Sugar recently highlighted that one of the fastest growing new business markets on the globe is focused around the development of wearable technology, but some people are opting for vintage watches to wear in protest.

Depp at Penélope Cruz's ceremony to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in April 2011

As technology progresses people like to keep up with wearable technology, of course, there is already some here that is ready and available in the forms of the Apple iWatch for example. But true lovers of the art of culture of timepieces will more than likely be in despair as these movements are a far cry from the devotion and intricacy of the antique pocket watches for sale in vintage shops around the world- they have something worth being distracted over.

We can all agree that such advances in technology are of course great to see, but as technology advances rapidly, we cannot afford to lose sight of the heritage of these new fan-dangled timepieces. There is nothing quite like pulling a vintage watch out for display that possesses beauty and unique individuality, as opposed to mass produced wearable technology produced today.

It’s all very well being able to track our best running times as we train to analyse our progress, and to be able to keep on top of the latest news and events as we walk along the street, but what about enjoying a watch for what it is?

Pedestrians are at greater risk than drivers from this technological distraction, with research from revealing that hundreds of pedestrians in the UK are hit every year as they cross a road distracted by their mobiles.

One in seven pedestrians admitted to being so engrossed with their smartphones that they had stepped onto a busy road without looking, whilst nearly a third admitted that their mobile has distracted them from looking for traffic on the roads. This will inevitably become the same scenario as smartwatches filter into people’s lives further, but we are sure that while the advancements come and phases change the heritage and history full of beauty and refinement will always remain the same.

Image:Nehrams2020under Creative Commons.