The importance of the fob watch for our nurses

Antique pocket watchesin the form of fob watches provide a great deal of nostalgia for many people. In the past it was common place to see nurses wearing this style of watch while they were working, but now for many people, they have become a collector’s item.

A stethoscope and a non-antique fob watch for a new nurse

Given their significance in the history and to some extent present relevance to the nurses working in healthcare, that the fob watched played/plays we thought we would take a look at a few elements of just why they were used with such prevalence.


How nurses wear fob watches

The fob watch was clipped on to the shirt or top scrubs of a nurse’s uniform and was worn in an upside down fashion so that the person wearing it was able to tell time without having to handle the timepiece.


They were worn due to their very hygienic purposes and since it is worn in the shirt, it did not have to touch any surfaces while the nurses were working meaning that it would not pick up any infectious bacteria or a virus that may have been present on the surfaces within their working environment.


Fashion & function

The fob watch made the hectic life of a hard-working nurse easier, however, while this was essential as part of their uniform, it also offered a touch of style.


Fob Watches were occasionally given as a gift associated with a rite-of-passagefrom parents to young nurses who were making the transition from living at home with their families to going into nurse’s quarters and living away from the family home for the first time.


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Image courtesy of cara_marie_97/Instagram.