The amazing intricate sculptures found in individual pocket watches

Pocket watches are undoubtedly a work of art and it goes without saying that they are functional in their ability to keep time. But you won’t find many people looking to find the time inside these old pocket watches. However, you will find truly breath-taking, awe-inspiring, and delightful miniature sculptures.


Sue Beatriceis taking pre owned watches, and old broken watches, in order to recycling them and transform them into tiny art that can be held in the palm of your hand. As you may have guessed her pieces are of course filled with the anatomy of a working pocket watch including levers and cogs, springs and tiny screws; all eventually combining to form a magical world inside some something quite remarkable.


Most of Beatrice’s works are safely contained behind their own clear pocket watch face, but there are some that spring out and unveil themselves into palm or fingertip sized works – each ingeniously using the specific shapes of the watch interior to construct their final form. She labels her works “steampunk” but they most certainly seem to inspire as something far more universally stylish.

You can find more of Beatrice’s wonderful work at All Natural Arts.

Sue-Beatrice-Watch-Sculptures-Pre Owned Watches