Swiss Firm set to share wrist watch making skills and expertise with African trainees

In a positive step to help decrease the high unemployment rate in Nigeria as well as improving the level of the luxury standard of the populace, the well-known Swiss company Ulysse Nardin has announced it will begin the training of youths in the country in the art of wrist watch making and repairs.

A close up of a watch maker making a watch similar to antique watches for sale in the UK

Nardin was reported as saying that the training, which is in partnership with Zakaa Luxury, would emphasise capacity building at the same time as passing on the art and knowledge of wrist watch making to the young apprentices in Nigeria.

Deremi Ajidahun, the chief executive officer of Zakaa Luxury, said “addition to establishing a Ulysse Nardin Boutique in Abuja, which is the first in Africa and is a big statement in itself, the partners believe in giving back to the community through the training of youths in the art of watch repairs and watch making.”

Ulysse Nardin has a long, rich history, full of craftsmanship and tradition; with the partnership it signed for the 45th America’s Cup with Sweden’s sailing team, Artemis, Ulysse Nardin hopes to be one of the leading Swiss watch manufacturers in the next five years.

So could the new generation of antique watches for sale be coming from skilled workers based in Nigeria? We’re not sure, but for now we’ll have to continue to enjoy the existing abundance of vintage movements.

Image: Zephyris under Creative Commons.