Style Guide: How to Wear a Men’s Pocket Watch Correctly

To provide others with the assertion that you have an air of class and distinction, then knowing what men’s jewellery to wear as an integral part of anensemble is the key to success. If a man wears too much, he isrunning the risk of looking pretentious, artificial and over the top. However, should he wear it correctly, the variety of accessories available can significantly escalate the quality of one’slook.


When and how to wear a pocket watch

Many people still have a firm affiliation with an antique pocket watch to complete theiroutfit, and understandably so. Traditionally, keeping time is gentlemanly unless you are attending a black or white-tie event when characteristically no timepiece is worn.

The classic way to wear a pocket watch is for a gentleman to attach his timepiece to a chain. The elegant way to do so is with anAlbertwatch chain. It is also acceptable to wear a single watch chain, depending on your preference. In either case, they are traditionally attached on a vest through a specific verticalbuttonhole. The majority of today’s vests are not designed with the watchhole feature, due to the declining numbers of people who wear a pocket watch. However, given the resurgencein both fashion and vintage jewellery, we are seeing the watchholebecoming more and more popular again. For thosewhodonotpossessavestwiththe aforementioned feature, you can fasten the chain in one of your vest buttonholes before buttoning it up.

There’s absolutely no denying that pocket watches are an interesting item, and draw theirfair share of attention, whether being worn for a formal event by a gentleman or in a more casual setting. Many consider this tobe because of the exclusivity in which they are seen today.

Wearing a pocket watchwith trousers

If the trousers on the outfit have a fob pocket, the watch can then rest in the side pocket and the fob in the fob pocket.

It can be an easy mistake to wear a pocket watch and chain incorrectly which can ruin the whole purpose of standing out from the crowd with such an exquisite piece of individual style.

Wearinga pocket watch with a T-Bar Chain

The classic Albert T-Bar,as we mentionedpreviously, is ideally paired with a waistcoat or jacket. The buttonhole will hold the bar in place, and this allows you to attach the pocket watch to the other end, which can then be stored in the breast or side pocket.

Wearing a pocket watch with a bolt ring

Similarly to the beltloop styleof wearing a pocket watch, the bolt ring chain attaches to the trouser belt loop to store the watch in the pocket. A boltring does offer more versatilitythough and can be attached to the buttonhole in your waistcoat too.


Image:halfrainunder Creative Commons.