Students wound up by introduction of ban on watches in University exams

A number of universities have banned timepieces from being worn in exams at a number of Universities across the UK this year amid fears that new smartwatches could be used by students to access forbidden materials.

A student wearing a smart watch not an antique wrist watch like the ones in Pieces of Time.

Some students are struggling to accept the ban on watches, saying they depend on their trusty movements in order to pace themselves and ensure they don’t run out of time.

Students at City University in London are now banned from wearing any kind of wristwatch in exams, whether that be the modern smart kind, or antique watches UK vintage dealers have in store. Additionally, those at Southampton University have to place all watches in a clear plastic bag on the desk, and at Goldsmiths in London watches have to be stowed away under desks.

Furthermore, at Oxford and Cambridge, students’ watches are “subject to examination by invigilators”.

There’s a simple reason as to why universities are imposing a ban on watches across the board; it would be unfair to single out students and spend time checking every single watch that came into the exam room.Technology eh!

Image: Kārlis Dambrāns under Creative Commons.